Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Bits and Bobs for Chrissy Pressies!

Well, Christmas in July is almost here!

From 9am Friday the 24th til 10pm Sunday 26th of August, I will be offering 15% off EVERYTHING in my store, and not only that, but if you spend $50 or more, I will give you free shipping! (Aussies - you can have free shipping if you pay by bank deposit!)

Here is a little taste of some new items I have made for NeverEver this week, to fill up my store for the Chrissy celebrations!

1. Matisse the Toy Giraffe, 2. Under the Big Top Bib, 3. Rosy Denim Tie Dress, 4. Chiquita the Little Horse

Click here for the whole list of DUST ladies who are having sales and promotions this weekend!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like...

As a proud member of the Dust Team, I am taking part in a SUPER HUGE promotion running for the weekend of the 25/26th of July. We are having Christmas in July! Piles and piles of gorgeous, handmade, unique and lovely pieces, with each store involved offering specials, sales and offers for you!

There will be giveaways throughout the weekend, and lots of other special treats... stay tuned for more info!

Here is a selection of handmade loveliness from the ladies of the Dust Team:

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Rosy Farewell

I had my last day of my job yesterday. It was a day of mixed feelings, as I move on to an exciting new role, but leave behind some lovely people and a fun workplace. The ladies gave me a most breathtaking bunch of flowers.
The florist, Jodie McGregor, had thought to write what was included in my bouquet on the little card - what a great idea! Especially for flower nerds like me. The bunch had Cherry Brandy Roses, Cumquats (actual little mini oranges on branches! Divine!), LA Lilies, and Duke and Magnolia Leaves. Just lovely - the colours and shapes really worked.

I was very touched.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Time again for...

I have been feeling a little bit wistful this week. Remembering holidays, homes, parties and days long past. I have a computer full of photos and I am dying to get them printed out and in albums so I can sit and flick through them, and have my memories more accessible.

London Calling Large Unlined Journal by Moonlight Bindery would be perfect to document my time living in London.

I actually already have some of these Luscious Labels by EveryJotandTittle, but I will need some more if I plan to get serious with my photos.

You can't sit and think of where you've been without a World Nations Globe by your side, by PonyParty

And where better to store my pictures than this. Red Retro Photo Album by RushofWings

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 21st Annual Academy Awards

So, this weekend I attended my cousin's 21st birthday. It was a mask party, and it was fun. It got me thinking of my own 21st party (all those years ago!) and what a great night it was.

The theme was the Academy Awards: you had to come dressed as a movie character or actor. The response was AMAZING. Some of my friends I didn't even recognise. I thought I would share some of the characters with you... can you guess which one is me?

L to R: Daphne (Scooby Doo), Hermione (Harry Potter), a Flapper, Cleopatra, Sabine (Moulin Rouge).

L to R: Tony Montana (Scarface), Alex (A Clockwork Orange), King Kong (and girl)!

HINT: I am not the Barbie doll. Tee hee!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

W is for...

Last week, I chanced upon a lovely photograph of a room featuring one of these gorgeous paintings by Kelly Neidig. I love the use of line and colour to create a landscape, and the heavy brushstrokes are decadent. I particularly love the fields of crops, but the colours of the beach are close to my heart.