Monday, July 2, 2012


I have discovered that it is quite hard to take a decent self portrait of yourself in business mode. Especially when guys like Spartacus and Vincent want to be in on the action.

Monday, June 18, 2012

My space

Etsy has just added a new feature to their site, a page to allow your shop to share a bit about themselves, the owners, and their creative space. At first I was a little shy to share photos of me and my studio, but of course that was silly and I have taken some snaps of my little space. I thought I would share them here to show you a bit of my very modest set up!

Shipping and supplies area.
All essential bits and pieces close at hand. My favourite is the little ceramic donkey that dispenses my striped string!

A fraction of my fabric stash.

Drawers and shelves and cupboards, oh my!

My handy red drawers stashing plain cotton fabric in colour order!

I hope you liked that little peek into my studio. What is your creative space like? Do share!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A bit of a catch-up

Finally, NeverEver is getting back into the swing of things. The wedding has been and gone, the honeymoon has finished, and we're back to normal operations around here.

I wanted to share a couple of things with you that have been happening around here, but first, in today's post, I think a small photo recap is the order of the day.

Remember how I wanted to make some cushions to decorate the indoor seating area of our wedding reception? Here's how they turned out. 

I think perhaps 3 people used the seating area over the entire course of the reception, as it turned out to be the most perfect weather imaginable and most people wanted to be outside in the gardens. And really, who could blame them?

We honeymooned in Mexico (amongst other places, to be recapped in another post...) and we bought this delicious bedspread. It is embroidered by hand. I love it. And it is the perfect backdrop for our sudden ownership of eight bright cushions!

And so, we are married. I am a Mrs. It was an amazing day.

Remember I was worried about not being able to get dahlias due to the rain? Mum and I went to the markets on Friday, and there were buckets of dahlias in EXACTLY the colour I had imagined. It was meant to be. 

The wedding day. What can I say. The weather was balmy and perfect. Not brilliant blue skies, but the temperature was a perfect 27 degrees and stayed warm well into the night. And, best of all, not a drop of rain! It meant our vision of our guests enjoying the gardens really did come true.

There were so many highlights from the day, but one of the best ones was the dessert table. Really, what more could a bride want at 9.30pm on her wedding day, than a table full of desserts and not having to pick one? Nothing, I say. One of each, please.

Tune in next time for some honeymoon snaps (taken with our amazing whizz bang camera given to us as a wedding present... such a fantastic present) - and then we'll be back in business!

Cushion and bedspread photos taken by me. Wedding photos all by Jonas Peterson. Please do not reproduce.