Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Alchemist

Recently I have discovered a new Etsy addition, Alchemy. It's a section that allows people to describe exactly what they want and have people bid on their description to make it. I think, though it does have some flaws, it is an excellent extension of Etsy, something that truly allows people to be creative and to see the scope of ideas present there.

I have been enjoying both being the alchemist and the alchemee (?), both by placing an ad for a red scarf and hat (that I am eagerly awaiting for the Melbourne winter, fast approaching) and by winning some bids on some baby wear.

I just finished this set of onesies with fruit and veggies on for a lady with twin girls who have strong food preferences!

And at the moment, I am making a dress with an embroidered owl and the girl's name. What I like best about it is the great feeling you get from bringing someone else's ideas to life.
In other news, I have also discovered the joys of online seed stores. I have just received 4 packets of tomatillos (green tomatoes), and different kinds of chillies for my cooking adventures. Stay tuned as they grow and get added to some kind of yummy meal!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Lazy Day At Home

This week, my sewing skills and expertise have been extended - I have been very busy working on an unusual project. She is a large rag doll for a dance company. She was an interesting challenge!

I am pleased with how she turned out. She hasn't got a dress yet, but it will come!

This week the Melbourne Comedy Festival has been on. Sadly, Ross Noble, my favourite and

first choice was sold out, but not to be deterred we got tickets for Nina Conti, a great UK comedian who is a ventriloquist. Now the image that springs to mind on hearing the word "ventriloquist" is a creepy one, I'll admit. But the puppets Conti uses are super cute (in appearance, at least ) and I enjoyed her show immensely.

I am enjoying Food Safari on SBS so much lately that I have made Wednesday nights "Experimental Cooking Nights", ie. cook something from a book or magazine cutting that you have never made before! I think of it as a useful expansion to my Recipe Culling 101, which is still slowly going! Last night was a combination of Jamie Oliver and 1080 Recipes, the classic Spanish tome (that is the only word suitable for such a weighty book!). Jamie provided us with chargrilled BBQ pork fillet, and 1080 gave us rice with beans, capsicum and onion. Accompanied with corn on the cob, it was a delicious, satisfying soul food meal. Yum! And all made whilst watching George Columbaris of the Press Club, one of our favourite restaurants, work his magic on Food Safari.

It's getting cooler here which means the joys of winter plants in my little garden. Yesterday I stocked up on primulas, foxgloves, pansies and some more herbs for my ever-expanding collection. I am itching to get outside and plant them so this edition of blog is finished!