Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Alchemist

Recently I have discovered a new Etsy addition, Alchemy. It's a section that allows people to describe exactly what they want and have people bid on their description to make it. I think, though it does have some flaws, it is an excellent extension of Etsy, something that truly allows people to be creative and to see the scope of ideas present there.

I have been enjoying both being the alchemist and the alchemee (?), both by placing an ad for a red scarf and hat (that I am eagerly awaiting for the Melbourne winter, fast approaching) and by winning some bids on some baby wear.

I just finished this set of onesies with fruit and veggies on for a lady with twin girls who have strong food preferences!

And at the moment, I am making a dress with an embroidered owl and the girl's name. What I like best about it is the great feeling you get from bringing someone else's ideas to life.
In other news, I have also discovered the joys of online seed stores. I have just received 4 packets of tomatillos (green tomatoes), and different kinds of chillies for my cooking adventures. Stay tuned as they grow and get added to some kind of yummy meal!


lily eden said...

THANK YOU for bringing this dress to a reality! I can not wait to get it and put it on my little Lilyana doll!

Valerie said...

Being the mom of the twins with the strong food preferences, I have to say what a pleasure it was working with you on the onesies. You really did bring my idea to life! Many thanks. I'll definitely be a repeat customer.

NeverEverEmma said...

Thank you both so much for your lovely comments. It was a pleasure to work with you and I thoroughly enjoyed both projects!