Friday, October 31, 2008

Days at the Races

Here in Melbourne it's Spring Racing season. A time of hats, heels, and hoofing it at the racecourse with every other keen punter in the heat. What fun! And of course it meant for me an opportunity to make headwear from random bits around the house. A chopped-up eco-bag, a cushion cover from the $2 shop, and a bit of pleated taffeta whacked on to some peacock feathers, and voila! Instant sass and style.
In other news, an interstate move is on the cards - we are going back to Sydney. I will reluctantly leave Melbourne, which I love living in and find a city of culture, quirkiness, cleverness and beauty. I will miss it a lot but have made a pact with myself to come back often for shopping trips and the like.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Busy Bee

It is true that the more things you have to do, the more efficiently you work. Or at least it is for me. If I have 1 thing to do, I will procrastinate, mooch around, push it away from my head until the last minute. If I have 10 things to do, I become an auto-pilot organisational freak, planning everything so it works with smooth un-stressful harmony.

Needless to say I have been very busy this week. I have been working with an Australian website that is selling my items, Bubbee; I have been frantically sewing Sleeping Beauty costumes for a ballet school; I have been at work at my day job constructing some gorgeous 17th century frocks; and of course keeping up with my Etsy orders, all the while throwing in a weekend in Tasmania!

Gourmet cooking is a little more infrequent at the moment but I plan to resurrect it tomorrow night, making a lovely-sounding salmon and proscuitto dinner with lentils, spinach and yogurt. If it is any good I'll let you know the recipe. :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Round the World and Back

It's been a while, hasn't it, and I'm glad to say that I have been spending my time doing something I rate as highly worthwhile - travelling. I have been to Mexico, the USA and Germany in the past month - a whirlwind trip full of new family, yummy food, days packed with action and nights full of fun. Mexico saw me trying new foods and new languages and though I had been before, this time was family-oriented as I met Mr. Neverever's extended family for the first time.
The USA put on it's best weather and we had fun driving up the California coast and eating as many different brands of cheeseburger as we could (a feat not to be sneezed at, with so many fast food chains I lost count). The winner - In-and-Out burger. Yum.

Germany was a time to catch up with friends and drink our yearly quota of German beer at the Oktoberfest. We had our costumes ready and my dirndl (Germans out there, correct me if I'm wrong) got a good workout. The outfit was completed with a gingerbread heart bought for me... very sweet.
So now I'm back and ready to enjoy being at home and making some great stuff for NeverEver at Etsy. New ideas and inspiration abounds!