Friday, October 31, 2008

Days at the Races

Here in Melbourne it's Spring Racing season. A time of hats, heels, and hoofing it at the racecourse with every other keen punter in the heat. What fun! And of course it meant for me an opportunity to make headwear from random bits around the house. A chopped-up eco-bag, a cushion cover from the $2 shop, and a bit of pleated taffeta whacked on to some peacock feathers, and voila! Instant sass and style.
In other news, an interstate move is on the cards - we are going back to Sydney. I will reluctantly leave Melbourne, which I love living in and find a city of culture, quirkiness, cleverness and beauty. I will miss it a lot but have made a pact with myself to come back often for shopping trips and the like.

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Ruby-Jo said...

I was hoping that you were going to post a photo of your "Spring Racing Headwear" for us to see :)

Melbourne is a great city. I am originally from Perth and Melbourne makes Perth seem like a country town.