Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dreaming of a Big Studio

Oh, wouldn't it be nice. A lovely big room all to myself. A window letting in the sun; a big corkboard with inspiring images and fabrics; a collection of vintage containers holding my sewing notions; my Andrew Wyeth print on the wall -
- shelves full of fabrics, organised by colour; and these drawers that I am yearning to buy after spotting them in IKEA today.

If I was a little bit more buff I would have carried them home by myself. But unfortunately I am not an Olympic weightlifter.

One day I will have a beautiful studio that cries out with my personality and is a cosy, welcoming home for my creations.

Until then I'll just keep on staring out at my trees and using my tiny flat for 101 things.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Suiting up

I am very excited today because I think I am in an Etsy treasury for the first time:

That's me, the Dressed for Dinner Bib! What a thrill to be amongst such distinguished company. Click on the picture to visit the real thing. Thanks to littlestonedesigns for including me.

Today I have a day off from work, which I am really enjoying. There is nothing quite like languishing on your couch with the sun coming in the window, watching the trees outside and eating a roast beef sandwich with horseradish cream! I highly recommend it.

Tonight for dinner is a lovely spinach and chorizo soup, which I have cooked before once and was a great success - off to cook it again!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gearing up for a Big Two Weeks

That's right, the Big Two Weeks coming up will see me creating lots of new items for my Etsy store. I have been lucky enough to come across some children's clothing pattern books from the 50's, 60's and 70's and I have been enthused and heartened by the lovely vintage designs. It has really inspired me to create new designs and look for interesting fabrics.

Since the supermarket sweep of the last two weeks, when I have Etsyfinds to thank for sending many eco-friendly grocery shopping people my way, I have been inspired also for a new range of calico shopping bags. So you will see these in my store too - NeverEver has never looked so full of cute designs (or just so full, hehe.)

Past readers will be pleased to know that Jack Black the fussy fish has been put back in his place. A new kind of food that TASTES like brine shrimp but isn't anywhere near as expensive or tricky to administer has proved successful, after a few days of stubbornness on his part.

The Olympics! I have heard so many differing opinions on this subject recently, varying greatly from the "Complete waste of money" school to the " Best thing since Athens" variety. I am somewhere around the "Every moment with a slight emotional connection makes me a bawling wreck" mark. Even the moving, heart-wrenching ADS are getting me teary. Today, Day One, I have cried at a Thai weightlifter who couldn't stand still for a split-second long enough, a Spanish cyclist winning, and MacDonalds ad. What chance have I got when it gets to the finals and people of my own country being the ones dishing out the emotional power? None! I love it.