Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dreaming of a Big Studio

Oh, wouldn't it be nice. A lovely big room all to myself. A window letting in the sun; a big corkboard with inspiring images and fabrics; a collection of vintage containers holding my sewing notions; my Andrew Wyeth print on the wall -
- shelves full of fabrics, organised by colour; and these drawers that I am yearning to buy after spotting them in IKEA today.

If I was a little bit more buff I would have carried them home by myself. But unfortunately I am not an Olympic weightlifter.

One day I will have a beautiful studio that cries out with my personality and is a cosy, welcoming home for my creations.

Until then I'll just keep on staring out at my trees and using my tiny flat for 101 things.

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Hayley Lau said...

Hi Emma, it's great to find another Etsian from Melbourne!

I know exactly what you mean about doing 101 things in a tiny space.

I saw a house for sale while I was in Tasmania that I would pretty much kill for. It had a huge huge sun-filled attic that looked out onto Tassie's gorgeous scenery.

If only!