Saturday, May 24, 2008

At last, 5 minutes to write down all I have been up to over the last little while.

In between working two jobs, having my house flooded, hosting interstate visitors and some fine dining, I have managed to fit in some more little handmade treats for my Etsy store. I am very excited also to have been asked to have my designs on consignment in a store here in Melbourne - something I am new to and hope will be a big success! So also I am frantically trying to complete that collection before the deadline! Phew.

I have been feeling very special of late as a costume I made has been pictured on a billboard in the middle of Melbourne. I nearly fell off my tram seat when I first went past it, and it is a lovely feeling to look up and think "I made that!"

A little more experimental cooking has been happening, mostly through flicking through my various cookbooks and choosing a page at random. My gardening has also taken a turn for the better, with some seed planting taking place - I am eagerly awaiting tomatillos and chillies to sprout to be used in my cooking.

See my store for all my new and exciting baby wear - you'll notice a bit of a nautical theme!

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