Monday, June 30, 2008

Intervention Required

I just keep finding the cutest fabrics to make things for babies. I am in serious danger of fabric overload seeing as over the last two weeks I have bought too many fabrics to deal with at once! Seeing I don't have a sewing shelf, let alone a room, this is a serious problem. The only way I can forsee to solve this issue is to make LOTS more Etsy goodies, which I have been enjoying immensely.

I will soon have some of my items for sale in "My Poppet" a gorgeous shop in Caulfield full of the most delectable baby and children's wear and nostalgic, clever toys. I am excited and proud to be included in such a classy store. The manager also has a great blog which I have thoroughly enjoyed reading.

I am afraid I have fallen foul of spoiling my fish. Fretting that he was too cold, not interested in life, about to leap out of the bowl and end it all - (I have a bad habit of bestowing my creatures and plants with far more emotional intellegence than they may well have) - I decided to spoil him with some brine shrimp as a treat to cheer him up. Didn't he just gobble those down with gay abandon, and now someone's tastes are far too posh for lowly old pellets and he refuses to eat anything else. I know, it's my fault but surely a fish has no right to be so uppity about his food? Help! Anyone?

It's been getting colder around here recently and I have been indulging in some baking - the ultimate comfort food. Not only is it delicious and homely, it also serves to warm my house up while the oven is on, so no need for a heater. Hurrah! Recent experiments have included Chicken Pie that I made up as I went along, with leeks, stock, and other yummy veggies... and a DELICIOUS greek spanakopita or spinach and fetta pie from this great blog called Souvlaki For The Soul full of lots of other yummy treats. Highly recommended!

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Anonymous said...

had to check out your blog after that thread! it looks great :)... and that recipe looks AMAZING.