Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 21st Annual Academy Awards

So, this weekend I attended my cousin's 21st birthday. It was a mask party, and it was fun. It got me thinking of my own 21st party (all those years ago!) and what a great night it was.

The theme was the Academy Awards: you had to come dressed as a movie character or actor. The response was AMAZING. Some of my friends I didn't even recognise. I thought I would share some of the characters with you... can you guess which one is me?

L to R: Daphne (Scooby Doo), Hermione (Harry Potter), a Flapper, Cleopatra, Sabine (Moulin Rouge).

L to R: Tony Montana (Scarface), Alex (A Clockwork Orange), King Kong (and girl)!

HINT: I am not the Barbie doll. Tee hee!


JoolzGirl said...

Dress up parties are the best - love them!

Ange said...


michvanetta said...

Looks like it was a fabulous party.

Such a lovely blog deserves a lovely award :)

BonTons said...

Are you Cleopatra?

thingomatic said...

i would have guessed cleopatra too. why i wonder?

finchbird said...

Well, I'm cheating a bit because Ben met you and he did say that you were quite, how shall I say, vertically challenged - so I guess Cleopatra too!

NeverEverEmma said...

hahahaha! vertically challenged! tee hee hee

How did you guys guess?? Have I given myself away somewhere?