Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Rosy Farewell

I had my last day of my job yesterday. It was a day of mixed feelings, as I move on to an exciting new role, but leave behind some lovely people and a fun workplace. The ladies gave me a most breathtaking bunch of flowers.
The florist, Jodie McGregor, had thought to write what was included in my bouquet on the little card - what a great idea! Especially for flower nerds like me. The bunch had Cherry Brandy Roses, Cumquats (actual little mini oranges on branches! Divine!), LA Lilies, and Duke and Magnolia Leaves. Just lovely - the colours and shapes really worked.

I was very touched.


Jess said...

They are just divine!!

Beadsme said...


ruby-jo said...

Beautiful flowers. Good luck with the new job.

carmel said...

They are gorgeous Emma :) Good luck with your new job.