Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Time again for...

I have been feeling a little bit wistful this week. Remembering holidays, homes, parties and days long past. I have a computer full of photos and I am dying to get them printed out and in albums so I can sit and flick through them, and have my memories more accessible.

London Calling Large Unlined Journal by Moonlight Bindery would be perfect to document my time living in London.

I actually already have some of these Luscious Labels by EveryJotandTittle, but I will need some more if I plan to get serious with my photos.

You can't sit and think of where you've been without a World Nations Globe by your side, by PonyParty

And where better to store my pictures than this. Red Retro Photo Album by RushofWings

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helena said...

hey labels are always cool to jot down memories and words! I want to see photos of u in kl!