Saturday, June 20, 2009


...of my most-visited websites. I saw this on Heidi&Seek and was inspired to go and look at several of her listed sites. Hopefully you will find something you like here to give you some weekend diversion!

  • A - Australia Post. Not highly recommended at the moment, I must say, but I go to check international postage prices.
  • B - Birdsnest. This fantastic online shop is full of lovely girly fashion and is where I bought my wallet.
  • C - Craftopolis. I admit I visit nearly every day to check treasury appearances!
  • D - Dust Team. I log on to chat in the forums here often! The Down Under Street Team is an awesome group of crafty ladies.
  • E - EtsyHacks. These have saved me sooo much time whilst using Etsy.
  • F - Flickr. I love checking in to see the latest shots from my favourite groups - EtsyGardening101, VintageChildren'sBooks and SailorChic are my favourites!
  • G - GoGet. Since crashing our little car, we have joined a carshare service. It's great!
  • H - Heart Of Business. I found this blog post about being "lazy" very interesting and helpful when I was in a bit of a rut a little while ago.
  • I - InnerEarthSoaps. I always keep an eye on Erin as she does fabulous giveaways.
  • J - Juntei. I was checking out some of her lovely gift tags for a Wishlist Wednesday post.
  • K - Kelly Neidig. I spotted this awesome artist on Design Sponge and love her landscapes.
  • L - Lifestyle Food. I have been voting for my favourite restaurants to win the I Love Food Awards!
  • M - MadeIt.
  • N - NeverEver. Yes, I spend a LOT of time on here!
  • O - OneHundredYears. She hasn't had an active shop for a while, but I'm dying to buy a Hustle and Bustle Dress so I keep checking back.
  • P - PayPal. Unavoidable.
  • Q - Qantas. I haven't for ages, but every now and then I have a look at how far my Frequent Flyers will get me.
  • R - Rude Health. This great bricks and mortar store in Melbourne stocks a range of my items!
  • S - Spotlight. Sadly, yes, I still check opening hours.
  • T - Tinna Fashion. I just bought a fabulous Dressmaker's Dummy from this company.
  • U - I got nothin'!
  • V - Viva La Moda. This is a lovely online magazine who featured my Anchor's Away Bib.
  • W - Wotif. A very helpful website for cheap hotels!
  • X - Watching the US dollar has never been more entertaining!
  • Y - YouTube. For some fun away from business!
  • Z - Zedge - I nerdily just downloaded the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams" as my ringtone. :)


Room design studio said...

Hey Emma! thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment that made my day :) You have a BEAUTIFUL shop!! I love all of these sites you listed except PAYPAL!! yes me and paypal can never be friends.. its the reason it gave me a negative feedback on my etsy profile!! It confuses me and I prefer not to use it forever LOL

Anonymous said...

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