Saturday, June 27, 2009


I was looking through my recent Etsy purchases and thought I might show you. Because, you know, they are all gorgeous and much loved pieces in my life now. And maybe you will like them too.

A lovely card case from PlusOneDesign. I will use this for when I go to the pool.
The most divine custom made silver ring from Finchbird. I absolutely love it.
Grenadine Cocktail Earrings from Planettreasures. They remind me of Chambord!
Some lovely baker's twine from PercivalRoad, who also makes the most gorgeous cards.
A darling embroidered brooch by RubyJo. I wear it on my winter coat.
My red Lyptis dress. Bright and warm.
I ordered a set of Harry and Snape puppets from Kazzalblue for my best friend, a Potter addict.
These gorgeous elegant earrings were actually a thoughtful gift from RealisationCreations.

All these purchases are from ladies of the DUST team. Did you know we are having a huge Christmas in July promotion? There are giveaways, sales, and much more through all our stores. You can sign up for our mailing list and be first to know about the best bargains! Sign up here.


Natalia said...

Niiiiice purchases! Thanks for the mention! ;)

Ruby-Jo said...

I like your purchases, especially that lovely ring. Thanks for my mention too.

Penny said...

Lovely! The more I look at that ring the more I like it, grows & grows on me.

Vickie said...

oooh, gorgeous goodies :)

planettreasures said...

thanks for the mention of my earrings.
I still havent tracked down that chambord!

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