Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My flowers like it better in Sydney

So, in Melbourne I decided to grow foxgloves, seathrift and various other cottage plants. They were lovely, healthy and green but nothing resembling a bloom. Then I moved to Sydney and within a week - hey presto! Flowers on my foxglove and my seathrift (I would post a photo of them too, only a rogue bird was hungry and pecked them off! Grrr).
I couldn't be more pleased and look forward to a garden full of blooms!
In other news, I have been busy sewing some custom orders for buyers, setting up my studio space (will post pictures inthe next few days - it's GREAT!) and buying Christmas presents for my nearest and dearest.
The christmas tree is up, the sewing machine out, and the flowers blooming. The start of a wonderful summer!

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michvanetta said...

Love your stamping with your stamp from India and that Mexican oil cloth address book is to die for.