Friday, December 12, 2008

10 Things to Do on a Rainy Grey Day

1. Make Christmas gift tags. (I made these with a wooden stamp I bought in India.)

2. Bake chocolate chip cookies.

3. Do some sewing. (Iwent a little bananas)

4. Put your pot plants out in the rain for a drink.

5. Look through old photo albums.

6. Partake in some online retail therapy. (This mexican oilcloth address book from lmoss was too good to resist)

7. Gaze out the window at the rain.

8. Do some more sewing. (I got inspired by the Dust Team with more fruity ideas)

9. Eat a warm, wholesome soup for lunch.

10. Update your blog!


Tracey said...

What a perfectly lovely day. I am jealous!!!

Chrisy said...

oh lordy i'm getting tired just reading the list!...great suggestions the little cards...

RocketGirl said...

Love the banana bib!!