Monday, December 29, 2008

Into Gear for the New Year

I like feeling prepared for each New Year. So it's about this time that I go out of my way to find things to get me organised - I find myself poring over the shelving sections of IKEA catalogues, reading the junkmail from the hardware store, and I take myself out for a day of diary shopping.

My diary is with me for 365 days of the year, and everything I do is recorded. So it goes without saying that it must be a beautiful specimen that I will enjoy every time I open it.

2008 had me with a Royal Horticultural Society week-to-a-page:

Which as I am a gardening loon was very approriate. This year, I'm thinking sleek, red, fabric cover. Possibly one from Kikki K, or a moleskine:

Even just browsing is exciting!


lyptis said...

Hi Emma!
being organised is one of the most important things in being successful! thats what i think anyways..
i dont have a diary, but i do lists on a weekly and daily basis, just try to not to lose them so often next year!;)

vanilla pixie (Carley) said...

A girl after my own heart!! So far, I have 3 diaries (personal, business & blog). Love shopping for them!!

Chrisy said...

oh yes...where would we be without our diaries...and then of course it's impossible to throw them they need to be we need more

AnastasiaC said...

i love diaries - i have two on the go each in the Etsy promoter diary so had to get one of those too!

NeverEverEmma said...

Haha Chrisy I know exactly what you mean, i have a cupboard full of diaries I have had since Year 7... at my parents house hahaha I'll take up their space, not mine!