Monday, July 21, 2008

I know I'm probably light years behind all you savvy computer users out there but I would like to share this fantastic video of Feist counting to 4 on Sesame St. What a classic! I love her. And such a great song to have on Sesame St. I remember learning that it was "Hip To Be A Square", Miss Piggy's "New Way to Walk", and the Count doing the Batty Bat. I was petrified of the two aliens "Yepyeps" that only said yep, uh-huh and no. So scary I still don't like watching them even now I have grown way beyond being scared of brightly-coloured puppet aliens. I would post a picture but I would never be able to look at my blog again.

In other news, I have beed working on some special requests that have been interesting. Here is a onesie for a friend of mine with a cutie niece:

Gorgeous! I love doing custom sayings. Off to work now on a newborn set with another cute motif... wait and see!

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