Thursday, March 13, 2008

Travel All Over The Countryside...

It has been a while since my last little musings, and this is because I have been On Tour! Doesn't it sound posh and glamorous, and believe me when I say it really isn't - but there are lots of other positive ways to describe it!

Seeing the sights of regional Australia has been something that makes me very aware of who I am in the world. My job tours around to big and small towns in Australia and occasionally overseas, and the things you see make you feel very small. Today we flew over floodlands in Queensland and the landscape was like nothing I had ever seen before, in any country. The way the rivers twisted and blossomed with coloured sand amazed me. Seeing whole fields of sugar cane flattened by the rains tore at my heart. And yet being in the torrential rain in Northern Queensland I felt I was experiencing the real landscape - a proper RAINforest.

Another thing that I have discovered that I think is absolutely great is My friend posted their video of "Frozen Grand Central Station" on facebook and I think it is just fantastic. That's really my kind of entertainment. Creative, witty, funny, and done for the pleasure of all, and just for the hell of it. Check out their video:

As far as my NeverEver store goes, I have some Big Ideas coming very soon to my store, which has been a bit dormant while I have been traipsing all over Australia. Think Laptop Sleeves, Doorstops, Tote Bags and more gorgeous baby clothing and some accessories, too. I have been dreaming it all up for a few weeks now, and am ready to go. Stay tuned! I am excited about this "season" of goodies, as it were...

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a huge thank you to you for mentioning our little gallery in.cube8r!! x