Friday, January 25, 2008

Fish Frenzy

My new sewing machine certainly had a workout last week, and my little fabric box is growing by the day and threatening to overtake my flat, like someone pouring soap powder into a fountain.

It is exciting to be making things that I like so much. I have just received a delivery of eco-friendly tote bags to sew my designs onto, so hopefully they will be on Etsy next week.

I mentioned that I started a fish bowl last week. Well, I have discovered that I have an extremely mean fish. He scared and chased the other two little ones (Dave Grohl held out slightly longer than Josh Homme) and I think the poor things died of heart attacks. Mean old Jack Black is on his own now, and I hope he enjoys his cruelly-won solitude. He is very pretty to look at but I think he has a very miserly attitude.

Recipe culling 101 is going well but slowly. It is too taxing to cook unknown meals every night. Sometimes you just crave something familiar and requiring no thought whatsoever. Good old curried sausages have had a whirl, as has spaghetti bolognese and chocolate mousse (served in the cutest dishes ever, look -)

- amongst the marinated steamed salmon (a winner, 8 out of 10) and the pesto chicken gnocchi (JUST acceptable, too heavy, 6.5 out of 10.)

By the way, I have discovered that I make a mean sangria. Mmmm Mmm MMMMMM. I got so inspired by the fruit I took a photo of how pretty it looked.

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