Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am older.

Whilst I was in Victoria on an unexpected holiday, it was my birthday. Seeing as no-one had planned for this momentous occasion being away from home and away from most modern ammenities, it was a lovely un-bothered and casual day, and one of the nicest I have had.

I received a beautiful bunch of flowers from the garden (and psst... check out the gorgeous old vase that belonged to my great grandmother).

Then my aunt made me a sponge cake. Being devoid of birthday candles, food colouring, or any decorative bits and bobs, we found some funny flower candles in a box of random bathroom smelly things, and I collected some little flowers from the garden to decorate the cake. It was filled with whipped cream and my aunt's homemade strawberry and loganberry jam.

Birthday dinner was a delicious Thai chicken curry that my aunt cooked, with fresh vegetables from her garden. So yummy, and such a memorable day.

What do you like doing for your birthday? What was your most memorable one?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

WHERE have I BEEN all this time?!

Indeed you may ask. I apologise for my lengthy absence! I have been in South Gippsland, the very southern part of Victoria. It's where my Dad's side of the family are from. Just before Christmas, as some of you will know, my Dad had a stroke. He's on the mend now, but my family's plans of going down for a holiday were thrown into jeopardy when he was told he was not allowed to fly or drive. So I stepped in to share the driving with my Mum. I was so glad of the opportunity to go, spend some time with my parents, my aunt, and my brother, and really soak up the countryside.

You know you're in the country when you have to stop to let the cows across the road!

Trying my hand at hunting for strawberries

We built our own BBQ! Yum!