Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am older.

Whilst I was in Victoria on an unexpected holiday, it was my birthday. Seeing as no-one had planned for this momentous occasion being away from home and away from most modern ammenities, it was a lovely un-bothered and casual day, and one of the nicest I have had.

I received a beautiful bunch of flowers from the garden (and psst... check out the gorgeous old vase that belonged to my great grandmother).

Then my aunt made me a sponge cake. Being devoid of birthday candles, food colouring, or any decorative bits and bobs, we found some funny flower candles in a box of random bathroom smelly things, and I collected some little flowers from the garden to decorate the cake. It was filled with whipped cream and my aunt's homemade strawberry and loganberry jam.

Birthday dinner was a delicious Thai chicken curry that my aunt cooked, with fresh vegetables from her garden. So yummy, and such a memorable day.

What do you like doing for your birthday? What was your most memorable one?


DELiciousDesignz said...

Happy belated birthday emma. sounds like a wonderful day was had. Sometimes the unplanned days are just the best. xo

Penny said...

Happy birthday Emma! The cake looks beautiful :) now I want flower candles for my birthday!

Little Waltz said...

Happy Birthday Emma!

It just so happens that today is my birthday.

I slept in (yay!), went to get a free smoothie from Boost Juice, and picked up my free movie ticket from Hoyts. I will be watching Princess and the frog!

And then coming home to relax the night away with wine. It's been a fantastic relaxed birthday so far!

carmel said...

you are older but better!
our birthdays are 2 days apart.
so happy happy birthday! the flowers are beautiful and it sounds like you hade a great dinner
take care

{by the way i have a giveaway on my blog- you are welcome to join in}