Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rediscovering a 22 year old project.

This little piece of patchwork has been sitting at my parent's house - in their "abandoned crafts" cupboard - since I was 10. I remember Mum teaching me how to cut the paper hexagons out of her old magazines, and cutting the fabrics from old dresses, shirts, baby blankets, and other scraps of fabric. I started when I was 6 - meaning that this patchwork is now 22 years old. About time it was completed, I think! I have a large pile of perfect hexagon-sized bits of fabric - and intend to make a quilt for our spare room bed.

Hopefully it doesn't take me another 22 years to finish it.


stacey hendrickson said...

i cant believe you did that when you were six! i have been planning on making a new quilt cover for my bed and doing patchwork but i was planning on just figuring it out along the way, i have no idea how to really do it. you should upload a blog on your process with brief instructions! i would really appreciate that.


BonTons said...

such a lovely story, I have many unfinished projects that my girls have started, I'm hanging onto them hoping they'll rediscover these treasures

Caitlin - craftycrackpot said...

So cute Emma! We'll keep you accountable to make sure you finish it! :)

Rin@SewinLove said...

Hey hey Emma!
Love a bit of heritage in old crafts. How big are you going to make the quilt?

Love Rin