Sunday, April 25, 2010


I'm back!
Japan was AMAZING. I could make a post every day for a year about all the different aspects of the country and I still couldn't cover it. It was just the most vibrant, crazy, traditional, polite, and beautiful place.

Also, I have some Big News. While we were in Kyoto Jon asked me to marry him. I am now engaged :) More about the engagement later, and I'm sure this blog will be something of a wedding planner eventually, as I share my DIY details with you - and I do plan to DIY a lot!
In the meantime, I thought I would share some moments from our trip.

First stop, Tokyo - what a city. We spent 7 days of pounding the pavements, eating some outstanding food, seeing crazy sights and buying some lovely souvenirs.

Top photo - a rainy day at Shibuya crossing. This is one of the busiest shopping districts of the world. Japan has a massive umbrella obsession - ladies have fancy ones to match their outfits, and no-one is seen without an umbrella. So when the neon, the rain, and lots of people combine, it makes for quite a sight.

Dinner one night at a tiny tiny bar in Shinjuku serving yakitori (food grilled on sticks). The menu was a challenge - pointing and some drawing skills came in handy. We now call this "The Bladerunner night" as it felt like we were in the movie. Tiny dingy alley, rain, smoke, neon. Great atmosphere.

The first sign of sakura - cherry blossom - in Naka Meguro, a suburb full of great quirky craft and design shops and little cafes.

We arrived at 8pm on the first night. Ditched our bags and practically ran out into the street of neon and excitement. This was the first photo I took of Tokyo. Pretty great first impression huh!


Mel said...

Congrats! You'll have a blast DiYing it all - I can't wait to see your plans as they unfurl!

Glad you had a blast in Japan!

Beadsme said...

Japan looks so busy.

Gaby and Jane said...


That is so exciting and awesome!!

And the trip - wow! My parents came back from Japan recently, and I am so so so so desperate to go and visit! Cant wait to see more pictures from your trip!

Gaby xoxo

Penny said...

Ooh congratulations! So exciting! Yay!

And I am so very jealous of your Japan trip - I want Bladerunner experience!

planettreasures said...

Great photos, Emma.
And a huge congratulations on your engagement.

helena / little mo said...

congratulations emma!! can't wait to read about your wedding plans! I'm sure it will be a beautiful and creative one!

Shine Little Light* said...

Bah! COngrats!!!!!! and great photos I would love to go to Japan one day!

AnastasiaC said...

Congrats again you two!!! fantastic news about the engagment!
and love the look of Japan! i want to go so much...its been on the list of places to visit for SO long!!