Monday, September 28, 2009

New Music

One Sunday back a few months ago, we were sitting at home doing a whole lot of nothing when a a lovely voice and a catchy tune caught our attention on Sunday Arts. It was a young lady called Megan Washington. We are big fans of Spontaneous Music Purchases - buying CDs having only heard one song, going to concerts for the same reason - and so we instantly googled, saw that she was performing at the Studio, and bought tickets within about 4 minutes of hearing that song (it was Chelsea, if you're interested).

I could carry on about how fantastic the night was for days, but it comes down to this: it was one of the best nights of live music I have ever been to. Her voice, the variety of musicians she had involved, the instruments, the wine and toblerone... it was near perfect.

She has since released an EP, How to Tame Lions, and the man has just bought us tickets to go and see her again at the Oxford Art Factory. I am soooo excited. It has been a long time since an artist has made me so enthralled.

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