Friday, February 6, 2009

Allsorts of fun

So, a little while ago I blogged about some fabulous vintage fabric I had found that looked remarkably like a liquorice allsort. Well, it finally transformed into a dress.

I was so taken with the results that I found myself searching for other allsort-inspired goodness. The funny thing is I don't even like liquorice - but the colours, the bold graphic lines and shapes, they're just so appealing.

From top left: Licorice in a Jar Necklace by Dingalin; Liquorice Allsorts Felt Food Sculptures by britishcreamtea; Allsort Seats in Brussels, photo by chilli_ian; and a Bertie Bassett Hot Air Balloon at a drag race in BC, Canada, photo by photocillin.


lyptis said...

Nice nice nice! Love how ur dress turned out, its delicious!;)

I love the look of allsorts too, but cant eat them(not vegetarian) i used to LOOOVE them when i was a kid!!

planettreasures said...

The hot air balloon is just fabulous and the felt allsorts are cute too!

Ruby-Jo said...

The dress is adorable! I really feel like some licorice now. PS: I have tagged you for a game on my bog ( I thought I would choose another DUSTER)

Penny said...

Such a cute dress!