Monday, January 12, 2009

Fun with Photostitch

One of the lovely things about going away for a weekend break is the little things you rediscover that you had forgotten you enjoy - sitting on a garden swing, the smell of gum leaves as you tread on them, and taking photos of otherwise unobtrusive things. This weekend we had a trip to the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. It was a wonderful escape, and one of the highlights was that I re-discovered my camera's panorama settings. I thought I would share a few of the results with you, not only from the Blue Mountains. I love PhotoStitch!

Freshwater Beach 2007

Alice Springs 2008

Blue Mountains 2009


Chrisy said...

They're fab photos...the beach one in particular is really interesting with all it's models!...oh i do love the blue mountains area too...there's a coffee shop..the paragon i think...and that big hotel..the hydro magestic?...what treasures...takes you back to another time...and norman lindsay's house..oh and the scenery of course...

planettreasures said...

you would get on well with my OH - he just loves to do panoramas!
Yours are really spectacular!
Love the beach one.