Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lazy Sunday

...I wish! Today is Designated Packing Day, as we get ready for our journey north to Sydney. For such a little flat we sure have amassed a lot of stuff. Well, I have. Ok, the fabric box has turned into a fabric very-large-bag. I can't help myself! So many cute fabrics crying out to be dresses or shorts. I am very excited about a vintage piece I found last week, which closely resembles a licquorice allsort. Fantastic! I'm still deciding what to make out of it... any ideas?

Meanwhile I have been dreaming of my new kitchen in Sydney (not that I have one yet, but I've heard it's good to visualise. Heehee). This is what I would like in it:

A set of gorgeous Pyrex mixing bowls from atouchofvintage
These to-die-for canisters from BazarBcuz (if the Australian dollar wasn't so sad, they would be MINE!)
Cute cute cute teatowel from Kraken

And what kitchen is complete without a fabulous rolling pin, from sirkus.

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lyptis said...

the tea towels are awesome!

i just had to heart that shop!:)